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Find your tribe. Find yourself.


We're building a community: one that is dedicated to empowering its members to create and enjoy meaningful lives. Each individual must be the agent of change in their own lives, but we truly believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. We know that you want to be happy. 


We also know that you want to make a difference. It is evident that those individuals who cultivate positive inner power are able to achieve the type of positive transformation that our world so desperately needs. We seek to collectively address the major challenges facing our planet through inner cultivation and outer action. 


So how exactly does it work? Our mission and structure are firmly rooted in positive psychology, the scientific study of what it means to flourish as an individual, as a community, and as a society. The Kindling aims to provide you with the tools and the encouragement to thrive, and we hope to ignite your desire to lead us into a new future.